Consultancy Services

Project Management

We have the expertise ranging from architectural engineering, basic engineering, detailed engineering, project management and construction management. We take our holistic solutions a step further by extending our services through the entire asset lifecycle by offering opex services management.

Our turnkey capabilities provide you with a one stop, single source contracting provider for all your Structural and Civil needs. We can assist with the design of the structural fabrication per customer requirements. We pride ourselves on being flexible and adapting to fit the needs of each particular customer as opposed to trying to fix your project within limited, existing options. From the ground up, grassroots to complete demolition, we are your sole source contractor. Some of the services we offer include:

Project management is one of the most fundamental aspects of any major project in the petrochemical, refinery, and construction industries. This includes a vision for delivering the expected results in the pre-determined timeline with precisely calculated execution.

One of the most demanding aspects of a large project is often the scheduling of the work itself. Shifts may need to be adjusted due to unexpected delays, extra workers may need to be found, or priorities may abruptly change. Reliable Consulting Engineers will oversee the scheduling of workers and employees to handle the project’s scope and monitor the progress throughout completion.

Logistics and Execution

Reliable Consulting Engineers will handle this logistics as well as oversee the execution of each of the various aspects of the project. We will ensure that each interrelated job is completed as needed for each successive phase to begin.

Monitoring & Management

We have a specialized project management team to provide a gamut of project management consultancy services namely, overall planning, coordination, monitoring and controlling a project from start to finish for smooth and timely delivery of the project while sticking to the budget and adhering to the highest standards of quality.

Project management can broadly be divided into ten areas:

- Integration Management
- Scope Management
- Time Management
- Cost Management
- Quality Management
- Procurement Management
- Human Resources Management
- Communications Management
- Risk Management
- Stakeholder Management

This team also resolves various issues related to design, feasibility, inventory, quality control, safety, delay analysis, risk analysis and coordination between contractors.

Quantity Surveying & Cost management

We offer customized solutions with respect to cost management and quantity surveying services. Our team of experts is skilled in drafting unambiguous contract documents that helps us to avoid disputes and ensure timely delivery of projects. Cost analysis refers to the process of setting rates for different components of construction such as labor, materials, machinery, transport and overhead expenses.

Similarly, cost management includes:

- Cost consultations
- Cost estimations
- Cost planning
- Cost control
- Budget monitoring
- Value engineering
- Suggestions for determining cost limits and budgets
- Preparation of detailed Measurement Books (MBs) and Bill of Quantities (BOQ)
- Risk Management
- Creation of estimates for various engineering works

Contract and Tendering

Before beginning any construction project, we submit a proposal or tender to the concerned party to manage the undertaking of the project. We also prepare a contract or agreement which is a set of obligations that falls under the jurisdictions of the civil law tradition. Contract laws refer to the rights and duties that arise from agreements. This process is initiated once cost estimates are ready. A well-prepared tender can help you win that big construction project. However, tender preparation is a time-consuming process and hence, you need to weigh the pros and cons carefully before preparing tenders. Our experts will assist you in this process. These are some of the steps you should take before preparing a tender:

- Acquire the bid documents and analyze them
- Ensure that you are a perfect match in terms of the required technical skills and experience
- Is the work in line with your strategy and vision?
- Analyze the costs and benefits
- Evaluate how the contract would affect other work, resources and ability to take on new projects

Planning And Scheduling

Our project planning services include planning, scheduling and monitoring to pave the way for success. Our team of experts provides you with a customized and organized project from beginning to end through excellent time management skills.

Reliable Consulting Engineers offers comprehensive industrial Planning and Scheduling which is specific, measurable, controlled and achievable that truly delivers the results you need. We provide consistent, proven results with assisting in designing, developing, and maintaining detailed resource-loaded schedules in Primavera or MS Project.

Our services include:

- Helping develop detailed project schedules
- Assisting project managers in keeping schedules current
- Revising schedules as needed when objectives or priorities change
- Formulating detailed plans for project completion
- Integrating multiple plans and schedules into a Master Program Schedule
- Tracking significant information, progress, and results
- Coordinating with program management to track results and make adjustments as needed
- Projecting Manpower & Headcount (mobilize & demobilize)

Quality Control

We constantly strive to maintain the highest standards of quality in all our projects by testing a sample of the output against the specifications. We use the following methods to ensure adherence to excellent quality standards:

Process/Method Statement of Construction Material and Workmanship: This includes various procedures such as:

- Checking incoming material
- Handling storage
- Verifying checklist against method statement / methodology

Supervision of Construction Material and Workmanship at Various Stages

Checklist of Construction Material and Activities: Our quality control experts ensure that all items are as per our standard checklist.

Quality Audit of Construction Material, Reports and Workmanship- Preparing documentation and supervising workmanship with avoidance, reason.

Procurement Management Services

For Reliable Consulting Engineer Procurement Management is a strategic approach to optimize client spend. RCE facilitates vendor selection, sourcing, Order requisitioning, ordering, inspection, and reconciliation. It means acquiring your goods and services from preferred vendors, within your determined budget, either on or before the deadline.

Procurement Management Offerings:

- Procurement Assistance
- Quality, Inspection & Equipment management
- Vendor Quality & Vendor Management
- Inquiry/Tender Preparation and Award

Bill Audit / Verification

Here, we provide end-to-end auditing and verification of bills according to codes and drawings. Other aspects of this service include:

- Preparing and checking of Standard Measurement Book (SMB/ MBs) of various engineering parts/ Construction Activities
- Making and checking Bar Bending Schedule (BBS) as per codes and drawings
- Measurement / re-measurement of the construction drawings to calculate the Project quantities
- Control and monitor construction contractors Payment application/Bill of quantities, Variations, Back charges, etc
- Quantity take offs and measurement valuations for EPC invoicing & preparation of backup documents
- Knowledge in technical specifications and interpretation of drawings taking-off civil/structural related quantities, rate analysis, Preparing comparative statements
- Preparation of Variation work & Cost analysis
- Preparation of Sub/Contractor Packages
- Checking of Sub contractor’s bills and certifying the invoices

Safety, Quality, Environment

We are your contractor of choice for all environmentally sensitive projects. Your conviction to environment is our promise to you.


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