Consultancy Services



Design & Engineering

Our highly qualified engineering staff includes experts in the fields of process, mechanical, electrical, and control process design providing engineering services, packaged equipment and pumps who perform advanced modeling and detailed fabrication drawings suitable for the most complex, packaged equipment and modularized assemblies.

Our services include but not limited to:

- Drafting, Modeling
- Process Engineering
- Structural Engineering
- Applications Engineering
- Structural Calculations
- Electrical, Instrumentation and Controls Engineering
- Pre-feasibility study
- Design Review
- Technology/vendor selection

Structural Consultancy

Design Solutions

- Efficient Engineering Solutions
- Technology Selection
- Site Analysis
- Issue of GFC drawings

We are trained to understand, predict, and calculate the stability, strength and rigidity of built structures for Buildings and other structures, to develop designs and integrate their design with that of other designers, and to supervise construction of projects on site. Thus, we provide complete and comprehensive Engineering services based on thorough investigations, analysis, design, economic consideration and functional requirements.

The Array our structural Designing Services encompasses Residential, Commercial, Shopping Mall, Institutional, Hospital, Hotel, Industrial, Airport, Water Park, Transmission Lines, Wooden Structure, Power Plant, Sub Station, Bridges, MS. Structural Designing etc.

Mechanical Electrical and Plumbing Design (MEP)

The MEP Design package includes:

-Site survey reports
- Feasibility reports
- Concept design reports
- Concept design drawings (AutoCAD)
- Detailed design drawings (AutoCAD)
- Project specifications
- Detailed BOQs
- Budgetary Cost Estimation
- Vendor Offers Evaluations / Technical Queries, Technical & Commercial Bid Evaluation)

Mechanical Services

We provide complete Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) design consultancy ion VRV system, HVAC system, Centralized system, Duct & Duct able system etc.

Design of complete HVAC Systems as per ASHRAE standard 62.1.2013 and UAE’s Local Authority requirements & guidelines.:

- Air and water-cooled chillers, FAHUs, AHUs, FCUs, kitchen hoods and fresh exhaust air ducts.
- VRF systems, split and package units
- Central heating and hot water
- Refrigeration system
- Ventilation system
- Smoke extraction systems as per UAE fire & life safety code
- Air & water treatment plants and systems

Electrical Services

We provide complete Electrical design consultancy of interior and exterior lighting system, high voltage indoor and outdoor substations, power generating station, public address, CCTV, Fire alarm, access control lightening protection system etc.

Design of complete electrical systems for commercial, industrial, institutional and residential complexes:

- MV power distribution systems
- LV power distribution system
- Diesel generator sizing and selection
- Emergency load calculations and load schedule
- Overall electrical load schedule
- Electrical Sizing Calculations e.g. Voltage Drop, Short Circuit, Earthing, UPS Sizing calculations etc
- Sizing & Selection of MCCs, SMDBs and DBs
- Panel Boards Schedules
- Preparation of Power & Protection SLDs
- Power and Control System
- Grounding/Earthing and Lightning Protection System (LPS)
- Street Lighting Design
- Lighting Design / Lux Level calculations and Decorative Lighting Design
- Lighting Control System

Low Voltage Extra Low Voltage

Design of complete Electrical Systems for Commercial, Industrial, Institutional and Residential complexes:

-Building management systems
- Uninterrupted power supply (UPS) systems
- Home automation systems, office/meeting/conference room automation services
- Smoke detection and fire alarm system
- Emergency lighting systems
- Structured cable system
- CCTV, security and surveillance systems
- Access control, time attendance - card and bio-metric system
- Audio / video intercom systems
- Public address systems
- Central battery and ups systems
- Dimmer control
- Gate barrier systems
- Data center solutions

Plumbing/Draining Services

Designing of all types of plumbing and drainage Systems:

-Design of various pipe sizes e.g. PVC, PPR, COPPER and high-pressure line pipe works
- Detailed schematics & riser diagrams
- Manhole , floor drain, rain outlets and basins
- Water recycling systems
- Irrigation line works

Water Supply Services

-Water demand calculations as per LEED/ASHRAE
- Water supply schematic design drawings
- Water supply design drawings
- Water tank sizing calculations and rooftop / underground water tank designs
- Water pipe sizing as per water flow demand calculations
- Water supply transfer and booster pump sizing calculations and details

Fire Fighting & Suppression Services

We provide complete Plumbing, Firefighting design consultancy for Firefighting system, fire protection & detection system, safety solution, plumbing, sanitary, sewerage, Water Treatment Plant (WTP), Sewerage Treatment Plant (STP), and drainage system etc.

Design of complete Fire Fighting System as per NFPA & Life Safety Code:

- Fire water pump sizing calculations and sizing
- Sprinkler system design
- Fire water hose system
- Fire water quantity calculation and fire water tank sizing
- Fire pump room sizing and details
- FM200 system
- Fire extinguishers

Digital and Advanced Technologies Predictability, Cost Efficiency, Speed, Value Engineering The convergence of information technology, engineering and manufacturing with the ‘Industrial Internet of things’ is redefining the traditional capital project and operational sustenance activities of our clients.

Reliable Consulting Engineers is geared to provide integrated engineering consultancy services using high-end digital engineering suites. New digital tools converge with the engineering domain expertise to offer a new line of services that provides incredible value to customers.We enable engineering transformation with 3D, 4D, 5D enabled Digital & Advanced Technologies and plant engineering solutions.

Digital Services:

- 3D Modelling
- Asset Digitization
- Engineering IT Services
- 4D Simulation

Product Engineering:

- New Machine Development
- Asset Digitization
- Machine Localization
- Machine Component Development
- Design Validation
-FE Analysis

Delivery Models:

We have multi-disciplinary talented pools of specialist engineers who are equipped with digital tools to provide cutting-edge technology-enabled engineering services. Our delivery models are flexible and fashioned to clients’ unique needs. We deliver services through a combine of - Dedicated engineering centers for large scale delivery Virtual delivery systems On-site and off-site combine to converge multi-disciplinary talent Cost efficiencies resulting from digitally-enabled engineering solutions.

Safety, Quality, Environment

We are your contractor of choice for all environmentally sensitive projects. Your conviction to environment is our promise to you.


Provide technically excellent and innovative solutions, for adding value for all stakeholders, and operate globally as professional consulting engineers


To be an internationally respected engineering consultant offering comprehensive solutions