Energy Solutions

Energy Management

We provide expert advice in energy management systems to ISO 50001, energy data analytics, energy modelling, energy baselines and performance indicators, measurement & verification to IPMVP, training, awareness and engagement programs, and energy auditing to ISO 50002/EN 16247. Our services help our clients to manage the entire range of energy streams, from buildings, to transport, to industry.

Our team brings deep expertise, understanding and capability in the area of energy management and energy efficiency. Our experts are trained to industry recognized benchmarks, LEED EBOM, the Certified Energy Manager (CEM®) credential from AEE & BEE, Certified Energy Auditor (CEA®) credential from AEE & BEE.

We are conducting Plant Audits of following types:

- Independent Audit of existing plants
- Real time performance assessment
- Setting up plant performance data management and diagnosis, reporting systems
- Online monitoring and reporting across multiple locations

Energy Efficiency and Demand Side Management (DSM)

Demand Side Management is the foundation of our service and it’s all about helping your organization understand the utility and energy waste. While increasing energy supply is an option to meet process needs, investigating energy demands will reveal that energy waste is a measurable and controllable cost. Further, changes in technology, equipment aging, and energy efficient options all play vital role in how your organization demands energy services.

Before you consider a supply-side solution to increase your bottom-line efficiency, consider taking stock and control of your energy waste. There is profit in reducing waste, improving efficiency and tapping into your demand-side energy.
We offer the following DSM services:

- Energy Benchmarking
- Retro-Commissioning
- Facility Energy Modeling
- Industrial Energy Audit
- Measurement and Verification
- LEED EBOM Certification
- Energy System Commissioning

Solar Energy

We bring significant expertise in Solar Energy consulting. Having a strong team of solar energy consultants and unmatched insights into solar energy policy RCE and its partner have provided complete range of services to its clients from site assessment to successful commissioning of projects.

Green Building Concept

In recent times we have witnessed growing ambition of several governments, companies, and organizations to embrace sustainability throughout their value chain. Building sector have been identified as having one of the highest potentials in energy, water and waste reduction. Several steps have been taken by federal and local agencies in setting up guidelines in place that embed sustainability in the construction sector.

Globally several rating systems have been developed for reducing the environmental effects of building and rating them. We provide green building certification advisory for the following green building rating systems:

- LEED EBOM Certification

Waste to Energy

We have a long experience with all kinds of pre-treatment and combustion technologies including grate, fluidized bed, circulating fluidized bed, rotary kiln, gasification/mechanization, pyrolysis and related air pollution control schemes.

- Waste Projections and Strategy Development
- Feasibility study and Economic analysis
- Financing activities assistance
- Independent project review
- Waste supply and characterization
- Procurement and negotiation assistance
- Technology and operations assessment
- Construction and Commercial operations monitoring

Safety, Quality, Environment

We are your contractor of choice for all environmentally sensitive projects. Your conviction to environment is our promise to you.


Provide technically excellent and innovative solutions, for adding value for all stakeholders, and operate globally as professional consulting engineers


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