Consultancy Services


Field  Services

Our services include but not limited to:

- Construction Management
- O&M Support

Reliable Consulting Engineers- Industrial Services is a general contracting company that offers the industrial process plant community a variety of services to build, refurbish, expand and manage plant assets. We can take your project from design to start-up completion and commissioning.

Our field division can install, repair and maintain it also. Installation expertise includes project management, preventive & in plant maintenance, mechanical, erection, civil, capital expansions, equipment setting, plant relocation, equipment relocation, machinery dismantling, modification, processing production line installation, converting line installation, rigging, millwright work, pipefitting, boiler making, boiler repair & maintenance, retubing & repair, parts replacement, re-assembling, planning & executing critical plant shutdowns & maintenance turn-arounds.


With our focus on continuous improvement in schedule adherence and cost control, we provide a wealth of Construction and Shop services to the heavy industrial marketplace.

Structural & Civil General Contracting

Reliable Consulting Engineers provides Industrial and Civil general contracting services. We provide a full range of services in this area that takes the customer directly from the early design phase of their project right through to the completed project. We design, fabricate, install and perform on site concrete construction services, demolition, mass excavation, grading, sheeting, and shoring. We have the skills and experience necessary to make your project a success on time and within budget.

Our turnkey capabilities provide you with a one stop, single source contracting provider for all your Structural and Civil needs. We can assist with the design of the structural fabrication per customer requirements. We pride ourselves on being flexible and adapting to fit the needs of each particular customer as opposed to trying to fix your project within limited, existing options. From the ground up, grassroots to complete demolition, we are your sole source contractor. Some of the services we offer include:

- Heavy Structural
- Light Civil
- Foundations
- Pipe Supports
- Sumps
- Demolition

Our highly skilled craftsmen work in collaboration with your needs and can effectively communicate each phase of the project. We utilize a highly trained staff of dedicated, qualified workers who have undergone extensive training and are highly proficient in their discipline. We also emphasize safety and are careful to follow all safety regulations and guidelines and to avoid accidents. We want to maximize your productivity while minimizing your risk. Let us help you with all of your Industrial Structural Steel and Civil general contracting needs.

Pipeline Services

Reliable Consulting Engineers offers Pipeline Services provide general contracting, construction, maintenance, and repair for oil, gas, liquids, and product pipelines from different diameter. The Reliable Consulting Engineers is comprised of qualified personnel, offering you a diverse Consulting Engineers of comprehensive services for all your project construction requirements.

We also want you to know that the Reliable Consulting Engineers is more than just pipeline construction. We also provide complete turn-key facility construction services. We are your total solutions provider for construction of major compressor stations, pump stations, meter stations, LNG facilities, tank farms, liquid handling facilities, and customized modular skid fabrications.

Our Services includes:

- Pipeline Maintenance, Repair and Facility Construction
- Fabrication of Pipeline Infrastructure Components
- Compression and Facilities Fabrication and Installation
- Pipeline Interconnects & Metering Stations Fabrication and Installation
- Process Skid Fabrication & Installation
- Skid-Mounted Gas Metering Systems
- Production Manifolds
- Pipe Fabrication & Installation

Piping & Mechanical Services

Reliable Consulting Engineers offers Industrial Piping and Mechanical General Contracting Services. We serve as your partner with the common goal of finishing the project on time and within budget. We provide expert assistance to our clients through each phase of the project, from design to regular maintenance. Our service capabilities include the following:


We can replicate existing customer designs or we can create new designs based on customer specifications and needs. We utilize a 3D modeling program that allows you to see an interactive model of your design.


We have the skills and resources needed to fabricate your piping and mechanical projects quickly and effectively.


Being a service provider with the capability of not only fabrication but installation as well has many advantages throughout the project. We are able to be the single point of contact from design through installation and can clearly communicate each milestone within the projected timeline.


All fabrication and installation jobs will require regularly scheduled maintenance for quality assurance. Our team of skilled craftsmen and inspectors can help assess the quality and integrity of the structural pieces throughout their use.

Reliable Consulting Engineers can handle all of your piping and mechanical projects, be they standalone projects, or as part of a general construction, multi-discipline project. Our experienced estimators, project managers, supervisors, crews and craftspeople have the necessary skills, knowledge and experience to consistently deliver outstanding results on your project.

Heat Exchanger Services

We provide the initial construction and installation of the exchanger itself; however, we are also able to repair and retube as needed in addition to other maintenance services. With experience in the heat exchanger market, Reliable Consulting Engineers is setting the bar for specialty exchanger services. Our goal is to provide you with industry leading service and solutions in the following areas:

- Complete Exchanger Re-Tube and Repair
- Transfer Line Exchangers (TLX)
- Fin Fans
- Condensers
- Chillers
- Ferrule Installation
- Bundle Extracting
- Bolt Torquing
- Stud Tensioning

Our highly skilled and safety-oriented craftsmen are hand selected based on their individual experience in the exchanger industry. The bottom line is that Reliable Consulting Engineers has the resources, and know-how to handle all of your industrial exchanger needs from constructing and installing brand new units, to keeping your existing models running at high performance levels.

Safety, Quality, Environment

We are your contractor of choice for all environmentally sensitive projects. Your conviction to environment is our promise to you.


Provide technically excellent and innovative solutions, for adding value for all stakeholders, and operate globally as professional consulting engineers


To be an internationally respected engineering consultant offering comprehensive solutions